Friday, 17 October 2008

A Day in the Life at Fleurtations day 5

  • Alarm 7.15 quick it's going to be a busy day
  • Shower, ready, read emails (order enquiry from USA)
  • Into van, todays CD Dan Bern "New American Music" (four great songs)
  • Arrive flower market sort out best Strelitzia and Stargazer Lily
  • Back to the shop, put out the newly made winter planters and baskets
  • Breakfast and telephone calls, attempting to eventually get the Inland Revenue to pay up, also order plants and planters for new library plus artificial Sansevieria plants for another company in Nottingham
  • Back to the van and off to central Nottingham for another days maintenances
  • All done by 16.25
  • Back to the shop open the laptop
  • More Optimisation, it's a long, long job but one that I feel will bring in lots more business. This time it's Greeting Cards We stock an enormous range of cards and it takes hours and hours a week just to stay on top of it but they are very popular so you have no choice.
  • Finish on the lap top at 19.30 just enough time to get changed and pick up the rest of the football team (I'm team bus driver tonight)
  • Game against Capital One and after a very uncertain opening period we eventually win the game 4-0
  • Drop everyone off, home, shower, changed into another football kit and off to play in the nostalgic reforming of the Bohemians
  • We get thumped 7-1, time for the pub and a catch up with everyones lives, it's a really good night
  • Arrive home at 23.45 after dropping Les off
  • Check emails, phone wholesaler with market list, shower, bed, it's been a long day!

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