Sunday, 12 October 2008

A Day in the Life at Fleurtations

  • Alarm goes off at 7:15 am (oh no!)
  • Washed, ready and into the van, on goes the music. Today, it's the new calexico album which is absolutely fabulous
  • Arrive at flower wholesale market, quick chat about football, load the van with boxes of gorgeous Dutch and Columbian flowers (after 26 years, still find these a source of real beauty)
  • Back in the van and back to the ranch
  • 8:30 am start putting all the outdoor plants and autumn tubs, containers and baskets out on the forecourt. Luckily, at this time of year there are only 5 trollies to organise.
  • Upstairs for breakfast banking and phonecalls.
  • 10:30 set off on Interior Landscaping route, these have from 12 to 20 businesses per route. We maintain over 1500 plant displays throughout the East Midlands.
  • Today, also have an installation at Nottingham Trent University this means lots of blood, sweat and tears as we carry several displays down 2 flights of stairs (no lift).
  • Lunch in a layby on the A52 reading the sports section of the times and discussing the new England attacking football formation.
  • Back on the road, off to derby
  • Finish last maintenance at 4:45, it's a race to stay in front of rush-hour.
  • Arrive back shattered, time for cup of tea.
  • Laptop on, checking Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Search engine optimization working on Jellycat soft toys at
  • Computer goes off at midnight, time for bed.
  • Alarm set for 7:15 am (oh no!)

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