Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Day in the Life at Fleurtations day 19

  • Wake at 6.30, it's a big day the pallet of fine english chocolates arrives today.
  • Shower, ready, down to check emails, four orders, 132 junk messages!
  • Into the van, todays CD a relisten to an old classic Leonard Cohens "12 New Songs".
  • Quick trip to the flower market and back just in time to see the delivery lorry pull away and sure enough it's the chocolate delivery. This is usually followed by a lengthy tasting session but today the problem is space, another 6 boxes of Jellycat soft toys have arrived together with 2 boxes of Russ Berrie teddy bears!
  • Put the plants out and start clearing space.
  • Breakfast, phonecalls, finances and out to deliver the business flowers, need to pick up another plant for a small interior landscaping job.
  • Back for 14.30 and it's time to optimise the Continental chocolates page http://www.fleurtations.uk.com/continental_chocolates.asp all the new varieties and prices need entering. Because we bought a pallet full, the new prices are unbelievable, dark chocolate brazils 400g box for only £7.99 and a dark chocolate ginger 200g box for only £3.99, Continentals are only £1,99 for a 100g box it's chocolate bonanza time!
  • Have to try a box of dark chocolate gingers just to make sure they are OK and am about to start on a box of milk chocolate brazils when I remember that the football game starts in twenty minutes.
  • Quickly get ready and arrive at the venue only a couple of minutes late, it's a close game which ends up as a draw 7-7.
  • Back home for a shower and a nice cup of redbush tea.
  • More work to do on the laptop, finish at 00.30, time for bed.

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