Monday, 24 November 2008

A Day in the Life at Fleurtations day 37

  • Wake to the sound of intense knocking, the next door neighbour, always a gentle soul, has gone nuts, oh, maybe it could have something to do with the fact that my van is across his drive and he can't go to work (forgot all about that last night).
  • Ready, out, move van, back for shower, out, check emails, not a single order for two days, I think Google is broken, infact that's an interesting thought, can Google break down?
  • Todays CD is the terrific album by Ed Harcourt "From Every Sphere".
  • Flower market, back, put the plants out, breakfast, phonecalls, still chasing unpaid accounts, out to put the office flowers in, more maintenances, a ripping hail storm and back.
  • Out comes the laptop, this evening it's the Valentines day flowers page located at that recieves the SEO treatment. The page has a wonderful assortment of Valentines roses and flowers, yes it is a tad early for Valentines day but optimising takes months to implement, so it's now or never.
  • Have to finish early I'm being driven to the pub and I can't wait, the horn sounds and I'm gone.
  • After a couple of pints the conversation moves in the direction of just how futile existence actually is and how, as a race, we draw comfort from filling in the holes with tedious rubbish before we die, it's a really fun evening!
  • The size of the human brain proves the evenings dilema, why do we have a brain this size, but only use a relatively small percentage of it, it flies in the face of evolution, every advancement to the species is necessary and used to the full, apart from the brain, could there be a plan to all this? Surely not, because that would lean towards pre-destination and a supreme maker, even a God.
  • At which point my brain starts to hurt (monty python style) and it's time for bed.

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