Friday, 12 December 2008

A Day in the Life at Fleurtations day 52

  • Christmas trees, comedians, and still not a photograph in sight.
  • Not so quick to get out of bed today, still shattered, finally make a move and roll into the shower, ready, check emails, even more than yesterday.
  • Todays CD the brilliant "Must I paint you a picture" by Billy Bragg featuring the marvellous "Valentines day is over", "Levi stubbs tears" and "Waiting for the great leap forward".
  • Flower market, pick up a van full of indoor and outdoor plants, back, frost everywhere, need salt for the forecourt, breakfast, phonecalls, appeal against the bus lane violation, out for maintenance day.
  • Arrive back at 17.00, time for quick SEO, going to the Comedy club tonight to celebrate the local radio stations Christmas party, Woodstock musical wind chimes are on this evenings menu, located at including Chimes of Westminster and Chimes of Pluto, the uncanny thing is that in just a few notes they conjure up a perfect musical image.
  • Finish in time to quickly get ready and out to meet Geoff and Yvonne.
  • The venue is excellent, great buffet, free drinks and a great view.
  • Three comics and a compare that made me thankful we were sitting in the balcony.
  • Some really funny moments, had a good laugh, taxis home, fell into bed.

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